Oct 172012

I did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit when I first launched Letter to a Conservative Nation in February, and I promised that I would do another as we neared the election.

I had a range of interesting questions last time, especially from right-Libertarians who challenged my thesis that the conservatives tend to have a narrower sphere of compassion than liberals, and that the common term we use to describe those who are not sufficiently inclusive of others in their interest-maximizing calculus is selfish. I’m looking forward to fielding these and other challenges again!

I also had a number of interesting questions about on-demand publishing, electronic publishing, and the future of the book publishing industry. I encourage anyone who has ever been interested in writing a book strongly to consider on-demand publishing – which is, in all honesty, a 21st Century form of self-publishing. Today the process is simple, cheap, and delivers incredibly high-quality finished products.

I’ll be giving away free electronic copies of the book in ePub format (should work on most electronic book readers) to the first 20 people who get in touch with me.

Thanks, and ask away!

– Adam

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